It is never too late for the service. We hope you agree with our opinion. Thanks to it, you could avoid any problems with your turbocharger.

Nevertheless, do you hesitate to visit us? Make our ONLINE DIAGNOSTICS.

The reason of the problems could be a damage of some turbocharger components.

What can we offer you in case of your visit?

Quality service

First of all, we offer our quality service of turbochargers even with the certificate ISO 9001. The quality is our priority and mission of our business. But we know time is as important as quality for our customers. Therefore, we also offer for them the express service and standard repairs of turbochargers up to 48 hours.


We are aware of the quality of our work and so we provide a twelve-month warranty. It is important hereby to mention that the original components from the renowned producers, whose distributors are we, are exclusively used for the repairs and realignment made by us.

We know the best a turbocharger is the extraordinary component of your engine. In term of concept, it is a simple principle which requires for its 100% function each parts of it to be in the absolute order and to run at full speed.

High speed and high temperatures are natural setting for a turbocharger. But only small contaminants or incorrect handling of it can already stop its function.

Check, repair, realignment and replacement

Our company offers you check of your turbocharger and its subsequent repairs or realignments. In case of any serious damage, we also provide its complete replacement. Everything is performed at the top quality by superior machines with their certain setting.

The turbocharger which is repaired or realigned by us is completely tested including our pressure operating test. Complete balancing of turbocharger is an inseparable part of its repair or realignment as well. It ensures abatement of any vibrations, gives a longer life to it and maximizes its reliability.

If you decide to install your turbocharger by yourself, allow us to give you some principle advices regarding its successful installation: Turbocharger installation manual

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